McDonald’s Secret Menu

McDonald’s may be the most recognizable brand in the world, with more than 120 countries around the world displaying the famous golden arches. But little do their millions of customers know, there’s a secret McDonald’s menu you can order from. And the types of food you can get will blow your mind.

Here is the McDonald’s secret menu:

Three x Two$4.89
Big McChicken$5.49
This Is The End$8.29
The SAL$6.99
Protein Lovers$9.19
Hot & Cold$4.29
Ice Cream Sandwich$1.39
Apple McPlurry$3.39
McCrapple Sundae$1.59

How to access the secret menu at McDonald’s

Step 1 – Visit your local McDonald’s
Step 2 – Show the server a picture of what you want
Step 3 – Receive your secret order menu
Step 4 – Devour it with a big smile on your face

In all seriousness, McDonald’s doesn’t really have an ‘official’ secret menu that’s well known by their employees. Most of the items you see above and below are fanmade creations that McDonald’s themselves may not even know about.

So, when visiting your local McDonald’s and ordering something from the secret menu you see here, don’t be too hard on the cashier if they don’t know what you’re ordering. You may have to break down the secret menu item yourself, order each individual part, and then put it back together.

As well, the prices will most likely vary from location to location and depending on how you create your order. You could order each item individually or try to make it with some combo deals – it’s up to you.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, head down to McDonald’s and get creative with some of these awesome finds on their secret menu.

Items on the menu

Three x Two

Three x Two

After a meaty overload covered in cheese with a few pickles (option) scattered in between – look no further than the Three x Two. Grab a couple of small burger buns, stuff six of their juicy beef patties in between, and don’t forget the cheese. A single slice of their finest in between each of those patties as well, please. Throw on a few pickles or more for good measures, depending on your desired tastes of course. All yours just for $4.89 on the McDonald’s secret menu.

How to order: Three Double Cheeseburgers, hold the bun on two.

Big McChicken

Big McChicken

When the words ‘Big’ and ‘McChicken’ come together you know that’s going to be something worth writing about. And it hasn’t disappointed. Look at it, just look at it. Three gorgeous crumbed chicken fillets, two juicy beef patties, a touch of lettuce, and some cheese. Come to think of it, who ever said to make a burger you need a bread bun? We’d personally like to thank McDonald’s for including this in their secret menu. It’s yours for just $5.49.

How to order: Double Cheeseburgers and Two or Three McChickens

This Is The End

This Is The End

This is the end of your hunger. This is the end of wondering if you’ll ever eat a burger this big again. This is the end of your six pack. This is the end of being able to move after eating it. But this is just the beginning of your mouth-watering journey through this burger. Triple egg, triple bun, double hashbrown, double beef, and however many cheese you please. Yours for $8.29 on the secret menu at McDonald’s

How to order: We’ve got no idea on this one…work it out yourself



The US Military has the Navy (sea), Air Force (air), and Army (land) – so it’s only right that you get to have the same thing (sort of but not really) on your next trip to McDonald’s. And even though chickens can’t fly (not yet at least), this burger will take you up and down and all around for sure. A fish fillet, beef patty, and some nuggets – how’s that for flavor overload? Grab it today for around $6.99.

How to order: You’ll need some nuggets, a fish fillet, and a beef patty

Protein Lovers

Protein Lovers

Look at that absolute beast of a burger – if we can even still call it that. It looks more like another thing, but we’re not sure what. Anyway, this delicious secret menu burger at McDonald’s is packed with one thing – protein. It’ll have some other stuff, sure, but the protein will hit you like Dogecoin hitting the moon. Four beef patties, double egg, double hashbrown, and double bacon. We’d love to see the McDonald’s burger maker putting this one together. Yours for around $9.19.

How to order: Couple of Egg McMuffins, couple of Double Cheeseburgers, and two hashbrowns



McDonald’s most famous item on their secret menu – by an absolute landslide. This thing has been plastered across the web and social media for years, and for a good reason. It may just be the tastiest secret available at McDonald’s. For around $2.89 you can give your McChicken a gangbang with its cousin the McDouble.

How to order: One McChicken, one McDouble – you can do the rest



Have you ever dreamed of being whisked away to Italy, sitting on the finest beaches whilst giving your taste buds one of the finest experiences they’ve ever had? Dream no more with McDonald’s McAffogato on the secret menu. Grab yourself whatever size vanilla milkshake your after, then drop a shot of espresso on it – heaven. All yours for just $3.19.

How to order: One vanilla milkshake topped with a shot of espresso

Hot & Cold

Hot Cold

Dinner. Breakfast. Lunch. Dessert. Afternoon tea. Brunch. The list is literally (not really) endless. This delicious McDonald’s creation will ensure you’re satisfied, full, and marking the calendar for when you’re going to get another. You can get it on McDonald’s secret menu by ordering some hot cakes with a yogurt parfait. All your for just $4.29.

How to order: A yogurt parfait wrapped up in hot cakes

Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich

Have you ever eaten a McDonald’s cookie and wondered to yourself what would make it even better? Ice cream would. Ice cream makes everything better. Ok, this may be the only one on the list that requires the help of the staff at McDonald’s. What you’re gonna do is order a couple of cookies and ask them to fill up the middle with ice cream. Yum. Around $1.39 at your local store.

How to order: Two cookies with soft serve in the middle

Apple McPlurry

Apple McPlurry

McDonald’s apple pies may just be the best quick-dessert anywhere, ever. The gooey applely inside with a warm crust with a slight crunch. You could devour five of them before even finishing your order. It’s yours for just $3.39 on your local McDonald’s menu. But ssshhh! Remember it’s a secret.

How to order: One warm apple pie and one sundae of your choosing

McCrapple Sundae

McCrapple Sundae

Now, despite its name, this unique creation actually tastes quite good. It’s a caramel sundae topped with fresh apples, and whatever else you like. Not that extraordinary but definitely one to be included in their secret menu, after all, McDonald’s is all bout those sundaes. It’s yours for around $1.59.

How to order: One caramel sundae and some fresh apples

Secret menu photos

Here are some photos of the secret menu at McDonald’s for you to order from:

McDonalds Secret Menu Burgers
McDonalds Secret Menu Misc

How is the McDonald’s secret menu different?

Nearing 100 years of operating, McDonald’s has quickly become one of the largest and most renowned fast food chains in the world. Not only fast food, but their famous golden arches are likely recognized by most of the world. Their experience and branding has successfully created a worldwide fanbase, with many craving their burgers and fries weekly. It’s no wonder a secret menu was always in the works.

One thing that separates McDonald’s secret menu from others, like the KFC secret menu in Australia, is that McDonald’s one is mostly fan-made. Yep, you read that right. McDonald’s has really never released an ‘official’ secret menu – anywhere. We’re not sure where the legend first began, likely some dark corners of the internet, but it’s almost completely fan-made.

McDonalds Golden Arches on a beach

Sorry to break that to you! But that doesn’t change the fact that you can still create your own secret menu items, just like the ones above. The secret menu items we’ve talked about are simply some of the more well-known orders. They’ve almost all become well-known because they’re great combinations and actually taste good together. There are plenty of other secret menu creations which, let’s face it, are just trash.

Are you a secret menu lover? Do you know any more items on the McDonald’s secret menu that you’ve created which should be shared? Take a photo and let us know so we can add it in.

Final thoughts

The secret menu at McDonald’s is famous for its wonderful and wacky items. Give some of the more popular menu items above a try and see how you go. Of course, you can always make your own as well!

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