KFC Australia Secret Menu

KFC is without a doubt Australia’s favourite fried chicken fast food restaurant. They first landed on Aussie shores in 1968, and have been serving up their delicious chicken and burgers for more than 50 years, feeding millions of hungry Australians just like yourself. But little did you know, there’s been a KFC secret menu hiding right before you eyes for many years now.

Here is the KFC Australia secret menu:

Zinger Chipster$6.95
Triple Stacker Burger$12.45
Zinger Tower Burger$7.95
Kentucky Snack Pack$4.95
Zinger Tower Double Down$7.95
Zinger Mozzarella Double Down$11.95
Slide Burger$6.95
The Beese Churger$6.95

How to access the secret menu

Step 1- Download the KFC app
Step 2 – Select a KFC for pickup or delivery
Step 3 – Pull down on the menu overview for 10 seconds
Step 4 – Click on the ‘Secret Menu’ to access the new items

KFC Australia has made it quite simple to access their secret menu through the app. It shouldn’t take you more than 1-3 minutes to get it all setup and ready to order.

Items on the menu

Zinger Chipster

KFC Zinger Chipster on secret menu

KFC’s Zinger Chipster really is one of a kind, and now you can save the hassle of doing it yourself, by letting the professionals stack your Zinger Twister with their deliciously seasoned chips. Grab it on their secret menu today for just $6.95.

Triple Stacker Burger

Triple Stacker Burger on KFC Australia secret menu

Hungry? Hungry no more. At least no more after you’ve devoured this beast from KFC. Three layers of fried chicken, three layers of cheese, topped off with some firey bacon with chilli relish and their famous supercharged sauce. This will definitely get you pumping. It’s yours on their secret menu for a low $12.45.

Zinger Tower Burger

KFC Zinger Tower Burger

If you could hold in your hands a symbol that represents all delicious, KFC’s Zinger Tower burger would be it. Soft bun, a zinger fillet, cheese, hashbrown, lettuce, topped with delicious sauces. An item definitely worth to be added to their normal menu. Get it yours now for just $7.95 through the secret menu on their app.

Kentucky Snack Pack

Kentucky Snack Pack for KFC Australia

A snack pack that’s more than just a pack filled with snacks. Or is it? Head to KFC’s secret menu today – no matter where you are in Australia – and you’ll be greeted with the option of ordering a pack of their delicious golden chips, topped with popcorn chicken and their famous supercharged sauce. All for just $4.95. Brilliant.

Zinger Tower Double Down

Zinger Tower Double Down at KFC Australia

When you really come to think about it, who needs bread for a burger? And if you’ve thought about that before, you’ll be thanking KFC shortly. They’ve just added the Zinger Tower Double Down to their secrect menu. A hashbrown, cheese, and sauce, held together by two of their famous zinger fillets. Yours today for just $7.95 anywhere in Australia.

Zinger Mozzarella Double Down

Zinger Mozarella Double Burger at KFC

Delicious zinger fillets, bacon, mayo, tomato sauce, and the new mouth-watering inclusion, a zinger-fried mozzarella patty. If that’s not already getting your head to your keys, nothing will. It’s everthing you’ve ever wanted from KFC in Australia, and it’s now available for your to order from on their secret menu for just $11.95.

The Beese Churger

The Beese Churger from KFC australia

A burger, but it’s inside out. Well, we’re not sure what it is but there’s one thing for certain – it’s weird. Basically, it’s a normal burger except the buns are flipped upside down. We’re not sure who came up with this but you can try it out for $6.95 on KFC’s secret menu.

What makes KFC Australia’s secret menu different?

Unlike other countries, KFC has a stronghold of Australia’s fast food fried chicken industry. They entered the game early, delivered their delicious chicken to millions of Australians, and built a vast fanbase around the country in no time. And even though many other chains and restaurants have tried to compete, none have come anywhere near KFC’s market share.

One of the reasons they’ve been able to maintain such a monopoly, is thanks to their many genius marketing initiatives. KFC has undertaken many different advertising campaigns throughout the country, with some even saying their were pioneers in the industry. One of their most famous examples in Australia are the ‘bucket hats’ at the cricket. Another one that definitely gives the bucket hats a run for their money is the secret menu.

Zinger Mozarella Burger on the KFC Secret Menu in Australia

KFC Australia’s secret menu was first launched a few years back with little reaction. It was a slow burn initially, with only a few discovering how to access the secret section in the app. However, as social media took over and more and more people shared their discovery of the secret menu and the tasty new meals they were eating, word spread like wildfire.

Today, the secret menu features some of the most sought-after food items at KFC in Australia. Double Downs, Triple Stackers, Zinger Chipsters, and more. As the secret menu is regularly updated, make sure to always check back to the menu above to see what’s available today.

Final thoughts

In the odd event that you are getting a little bit bored of ordering the same things over and over at KFC, make sure to check out their secret menu.

Know of any new items one KFC’s secret menu in Australia? Let us know and we’ll add it in!

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