Jack in the Box Secret Menu

Jack in the Box has been serving up delicious food all around the country for more than 70 years now. And with over 2,200 locations, they’ve gained quite the fanbase as well. So much so that a secret menu has been developed by many of their loyal customers.

Here is the Jack in the Box secret menu:

The CBC$4.99
Four x Four$5.19
Loaded Fries$3.49
Breakfast Booster$4.79
Hold the Carbs$4.79

How to access the secret menu at Jack in the Box

Step 1 – Visit your local Jack in the Box
Step 2 – Order an item order the secret menu above
Step 3 – Talk to the staff about any customizations
Step 4 – Enjoy your food

If there’s one thing Jack in the Box is known for it’s their unique food creations. They’re constantly innovating, creating new burger combinations, different styles of fries, tacos, and a whole lot more. But if there’s one thing Jack in the Box will never be able to innovate on, it’s their secret menu.

Just like the McDonald’s secret menu, Jack in the Box’s secret menu is completely fanmade. Meaning the staff at Jack in the Box had absolutely nothing to do with the menu creations you see here today. They’ve all be born from the imagination of the many Jack in the Box lovers around the country.

However, that also means that not all the secret menu items here will be available at all their locations. As the staff may not actually know about the item themselves, you might have to explain to them how to make it. If they say they’re unable to, please don’t force them or get angry – they’re doing the best they can. There’s a silver lining though, that means you can get creative and add your own unique combo to the secret menu.

If you do end up creating a new item for their secret menu, make sure to let us know! That way we can add it in here for many others to experience themselves.

Items on the menu



It may not look like the rest of the burgers at Jack in the Box but it’s definitely worth a try to give your tastebuds something a little different to experience. It’s a ciabatta bun, with a juicy beef patty, bacon, cheese, rocket lettuce, and whatever other sauce you want on top. Get it today on the secret menu for around $4.99.

How to order: One CBC

Four x Four

Four x Four

Almost every time someone orders a normal cheeseburger from Jack in the Box they’re left wondering whether it would’ve been better with more cheese and beef. Wonder no more. Double it up, then double it again and get yourself four beef patties and four slices of cheese. A burger that’ll keep you running for a while. Yours for around $5.19 on the menu.

How to order: One double cheeseburger with two extra patties and two extra slices of cheese

Loaded Fries

Loaded Fries

Fries – the almost perfect complement to burgers, tacos, and shakes. But there’s something even better. Loaded fries. Jack in the Box offers a wide range of different types of loaded fries on their secret menu. Get them with chicken, ground pork, different types of cheese, and a whole lot more on top. Prices vary but you can generally get it for about $3.49.

How to order: One fries with whatever extras you want on top

Breakfast Booster

Breakfast Booster

Morning struggle? Don’t bother making breakfast – head to Jack in the Box instead for your energy boost. This breakfast burger comes with egg, hash brown, cheese, ham, bacon, and any other extras you please. You may not even need lunch depending on how big you go. Try it yourself today for around $4.79.

How to order: One breakfast sandwich with a whole bunch of extras



A recent addition to their full menu but hopefully one that’ll be kept on their secret menu for many years to come. These Crossaint Chocolate Bites are simply amazing. Jack in the Box has really outdone themselves – so simple, yet so sweet. The perfect snack, dessert, or afternoon tea with a coffee. You can enjoy some today for around $1.99 depending on how many you buy.

How to order: One order of CCBs

Hold the Carbs

Hold the Carbs

Everyone knows about the dreaded food coma that comes after devouring a whole lotta carbs. So why not cut the carbs if you’ve still got things to do after? Grab one of these Hold the Carbs burgers and you’ll be dining on a large chicken fillet, one egg, some cheese, and two bite-sized biscuits. Available on their secret menu for around $4.79.

How to order: One Hold the Carbs burger

Secret menu photos

Here is a photo of their secret menu for you to enjoy.

Jack in the Box Secret Menu

What’s so special about the Jack in the Box secret menu?

Founded in 1951, Jack in the Box now serves customers in over 21 states with more than 2,200 locations dishing out burgers, fries, tacos, chicken, and a whole lot more. One of the ways they’ve been able to continuously expand their operations is with their unique restaurant designs, collaborations with famous musicians, and consistent innovations to their menu.

There is one thing, however, that Jack in the Box never expected to be a contributing cause to their success – just how dedicated their customers are. Some of their customers are so dedicated that they weren’t happy with the rate that the menu was changing and decide to create their own. And so, the Jack in the Box secret menu you see here today was created.

Burgers from Jack in the Box

It started off small, just like the Waffle House secret menu, with just one or two different combinations available. Growing over time, it now features a wide range of delicious menu items for you to order and customize. And it’s not stopping.

If you’ve made or know of any secret menu items at Jack in the Box that we haven’t featured, please let us know so we can share them.

Final thoughts

Jack in the Box is famous for a lot of reasons, but little do most people know their secret menu is held up high in the minds of some of their biggest fans. Give one of the orders and try and let us know what you think!

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