Dunkin’ Secret Menu

Tens of millions of Americans visit Dunkin’ (formerly Dunkin’ Donuts) every week ordering their donut and coffee fixes at more than 12,900 locations around the country. Sure, they may have started by only serving donuts and coffee, but the menu has expanded greatly over time. There’s even a Dunkin’ Donuts secret menu that was created by a huge group of passionate customers.

Here is the Dunkin’ secret menu:

Strawberry Shortcake$3.99
Raspberry Jewel$3.99
White Choc & Gingerbread$3.99
KitKat Delight$3.99
Sour Pineapple$3.99
Triple AAA$3.99
Whipped Rainbow$1.99

How to access the secret menu at Dunkin

Step 1 – Have your secret order ready to go beforehand
Step 2 – Visit your local Dunkin’ location
Step 3 – Ask the staff to make your order
Step 4 – Enjoy!

It’s no surprise that when Dunkin’ started their store that there wasn’t a secret menu, to begin with. They simply weren’t big enough to do so or had brand awareness with many loyal customers. Although, as history shows, it didn’t take long for the brand to pick off. Less than 100 years after opening in 1951, they now serve their donuts and coffee at over 12,900 locations around the country.

In those 100 years their menu also always stuck to its core base – donuts and coffee, but it hasn’t been without its many innovation and expansions along the way. They now sell a huge range of different breakfast combinations including sausages, eggs, cheese, as well as a vastly more enticing drinks meal with new items such as iced teas, frozen coffees, and Coolattas. All these new items have paved the way for a fantastic secret menu at Dunkin Donuts.

Above and below you’ll find the largest list of different drink and food combos – mainly drinks as they make don’t make a lot of their food to order – that make up their secret menu. All flavors and all sizes – if you can think of it, it’s probably there. Remember to keep in mind, though, that not all the items will be available at all locations, just like the secret menu burgers at McDonald’s. Give the staff a break if they can’t make what you’re looking for, they’re hard workers. And that just gives you another reason to get creative yourself.

If you happen to come upon an awesome combination of drink flavors or different types of burger ingredients that go really well together – let us know! That way we can add your new creation to the Dunkin secret menu here for the whole world to share.

Items on the menu

Strawberry Shortcake

Stawberry Shortcake

Deliciousness in a cup if there ever was one. This Strawberry Shortcake build is vanilla based with a strawberry swirl throughout. Get it topped off with some iconic whipped cream and a slight chocolate drizzle. Fantastic. Get it off their secret menu today for around $3.99 at Dunkin’.

How to order: Vanilla based with strawberry swirl topped with whipped cream and chocolate

The Raspberry Jewel

Rasperry Jewel

Raspberry on raspberry on raspberry. Not so much a secret item because it’s a pretty standard flavor, but definitely one we recommend you trying. If you want to up the ‘secretness’ top it off with some whipped cream or add in a strawberry swirl. That’ll do it! Grab it today from Dunkin’ at around $3.99 depending on what size you’re after.

How to order: One double cheeseburger with two extra patties and two extra slices of cheese

White Choc & Ginger Bread

White Choc Gingerbread

Christmas in December? Christmas in July? Why not get Christmas anytime you like with this delightful holiday drink. Grab a white chocolate and gingerbread mixed Coolatta topped with whipped cream and a caramel drizzle. Amazing. You’ll definitely want a large one of this – and it can be yours for just $4.99 at Dunkin’.

How to order: Mixed white chocolate and gingerbread Coolatta with whipped cream and a caramel drizzle

KitKat Delight

Kit Kat Delight

This used to be an official menu item, but now it’s only sometimes available on their secret menu. It was a massive hit when Dunkin’ first brought it out so it’s no wonder they still keep it around for their most loyal customers. Head down to your local store and ask for the KitKat Delight. If you’re in luck they’ll have it ready on the secret menu and you can get a small one for $2.99.

How to order: One KitKat Delight and hope for the best



The StrawPine – can you guess what’s in it? If you guessed Pineapple and Strawberry you’re wrong. It’s Strawberry and Pineapple. But seriously, the two flavors combined are a match made in Dunkin’ heaven. Grab a standard-sized one today on their secret menu for just $3.99.

How to order: Coolatta mixed with Strawberry and Pineapple

Sour Pineapple

Sour Pineapple

We know what you’re thinking – a good pineapple is supposed to be sweet. And you’re not wrong, but you’re also not right (at least all the time). This is the one for your sour lovers out there. Order a standard Pineapple Coolatta and ask them to add in a dash of sour flavoring. It’s definitely not for everyone, but for those who do like it, they’ll fall in love. A large one is your today for $4.99.

How to order: Pineapple Coolatta with a dash of sour flavoring

Whipped Rainbow

Whipped Rainbow

There’s no doubt that one of the most famous donut styles is the one topped with sprinkles. The colors of the rainbow on top of a soft donut is straight out of the movies. But there’s a twist. This one’s stuffed with whipped cream. It’s one of the classic on Dunkin’s secret menu and one you should try next time you visit.

How to order: One sprinkle donut stuffed with whipped cream

Triple AAA

Raspberry Atlantis

Like your drinks blue and full of tasty things? The Triple AAA is for you. Choose your size, then ask the staff to fill it up with Amazonite, Aquamarine, and Apatite. A delicious combination of flavors fit for everyone who walks through the doors at Dunkin’. Grab a small one starting from just $2.99.

How to order: One Coolatta filled up with Amazonite, Aquamarine, and Apatite

Photos of Dunkin’s secret menu

Here is a photo of the secret menu for you to enjoy:

Dunkin Secret Menu Photo

What’s so special about Dunkin’s secret menu?

Dunkin’ is one of the largest food chains in the country, with nearly 13,000 of their shops serving up millions of donuts and delicious drinks every week. They were originally called Dunkin’ Donuts but dropped the ‘Donuts’ because their menu had simply expanded vastly beyond coffee and donuts. Today, their menu is filled with a wide range of different donut flavors and drinks, but little do people know, the secret menu at Dunkin’ is where it really gets going.

If you’re looking to add a little bit of excitement to your life, you should definitely have a go ordering off of the Dunkin’ secret menu. You’ll find some of the most popular drink combos above, with their Coolattas being a prime feature on the menu. But don’t limit yourself to what you see here, get creative and put your own combinations together and create your very own unique item on their secret menu.

Popular drink and food combo at Dunkin

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Final thoughts

The secret menu at Dunkin’ is perfect if you’re looking to try out some new flavor combinations for your next drink. And it’s even more perfect if you pair it with some of their delicious donuts or other food.

If you know of any more combos that are worthy of being featured on the secret menu, let us know and we’ll add it in!

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